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2. Compiling the programs under UNIX

Here is a short summary of the installation process:

All of the main programs in this package use the ``TCL'' library to parse parameter settings. This is a separate public-domain package available on the Internet. If it not already installed on your system, you will need to install it before compiling these programs. Information about TCL is available at

These programs are supplied as a compressed ``tar'' file. To unpack these files, execute:

zcat aspex-2.0.tar.Z | tar xf -

This will create a new directory, aspex-2.0, containing all the source code and documentation for the programs.

In aspex-2.0/Makefile, there are several variables that may need to be set up for your system. The TCL variable needs to point to the place where TCL is installed. The TCL library needs to be in $(TCL)/lib/libtcl.a, and the TCL header file needs to be $(TCL)/include/tcl.h. The BIN variable specifies where the executables should be installed by ``make install''.

You may also need to customize how the C compiler is invoked, via the CC, CFLAGS, and EXTRA variables. The Makefile has defaults for several common operating systems set up as special targets: ``solaris'', ``linux'', ``osf'', ``sunos'', and ``sgi''. To use these targets to compile the ASPEX programs for a particular platform, just type (for example) ``make solaris''. Then, to install the executables in the BIN directory, run ``make install''.

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